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Peace begins with me!


The end of last year was quite challenging. So why is this still happening to me? Or should I say for me!  Today I wake up feeling unusually grumpy! I now know why; another provider let me down badly!! I did have several red flags about this company and their lack of transparency.

I’m not going to lie, I could have done without all these challenges and life lessons!

 However because so many Services/ customer services seem to be falling apart around me.  This was a reminder I could not ignore; I either react or respond, 2 different ways to manage these situations.

1) I could react and go on and on about these services that let me down, and believe me I’m tempted, when the written word (agreement) can no longer to be trusted.

2) Or I could respond and I accept what is! It doesn’t mean that I do not challenge the status quo or do whatever I can to solve the situation; but I do not let it ruin my day (not all of it, anyway!)!

By accepting what is, I allow myself to move to a neutral state, away from frustration or anger which only hurt me, this kind of stress is not good for my well-being or my health.

By accepting, I move on; as I did all I could to manage the situation, there is no need to carry this burden with me all day or until it’s solved.

So I definitely choose to respond and I accept it, I do what I can to sort it and then let it go (not always easy!). If I cannot do anything more about it, why make myself ill by getting upset.

For me it's a reminder that how I respond to life, is crucial to my well-being; as I want to be part of the solution rather than the problem.  My response also have a knock on effect on the people around me. I either I go with the flow of the collective consciousness (grumpiness and discontent) or I return to my “own river” so to speak of acceptance and inner peace.

We are all facing similar or greater challenges; how we handle them affect us all. The grumpiness I was feeling that morning wasn’t mine but the company that let me down (collective consciousness). The feeling was my intuition letting me know that something wasn’t quite right.  I was aware of my emotion, hence I was feeling it rather than being it, so I could still manage/change the feeling.

I choose to respond, so I could return to a peaceful state and be able to better deal with the situation, to quote Deepak Chopra

“The solution is never at the level of the problem. The solution is always love, which is beyond problems”.

Being aware of my feelings allowed me to realise and understand why returning to inner peace is the better solution after my initial disappointment. In these challenging times we can all do with more Peace.

“Peace comes from within do not seek it without” Buddha

And yes, after I returned to my inner peace, I actually encounter (virtually) helpful people; and life has settled down since and for this I am peacefully grateful.

 Our heart helps us feel our way through life and is part of our intuition


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