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The Old, The New, The Novel way to go and grow!

Over a year ago (August 21 when I wrote this blog) just before the pandemic strike I finally reached the perfect balance with my food buying and waste; so much so that on the first week of the lockdown my fridge and cupboard were completely empty. I didn’t even have any essential like eggs, porridge or even a can of chickpeas. I found the first week of lockdown stressful and scary and I did not go far to buy whatever I needed.

On the second week I decided to venture further out to my local supermarket; I hopped onto my bike; the streets were completely empty and I quite enjoyed my cycle ride, happy to be out appreciating the sun, the bird’s songs and the flowering scent of nature.

And then I got to the shops and rather shock to find the longest queue I have ever seen, I managed to get a trolley and once inside I was pleased to find what I needed. However this new situation created a new habit, so the once a week only visit to the shop started, I didn’t hoard food but I bought a couple of extra canes of chickpeas and coconut milk. And I made sure I had plenty of garlic, ginger and herbs like thyme and rosemary to boost my immune system.

I enjoyed the cycle ride and going out in the empty streets and breathing clean air. However once at home like many it took me longer to put the shopping out and disinfect my hands, the bag handles etc this new routine was a bit depressingt, until I got used to it. The queues were also challenging to get used to, so like many I tried to time it so I would spend more time shopping than than queuing.

Today I realise that I need to go back to this new habit I perfected before the lockdown, especially in our current ecological situation and despise the health and economic situation where we are made to feel as if we should be hoarding food. It might seems like a small thing to do but if we could all get into this habit it would greatly reduce the amount of our waste and our carbon foot print; and this is something we can all do regardless of what we eat.

Granted during the summer I always seem to buy too much fruits but I learned a better way to manage this excess food and stop wasting food by freezing the fruits to make smoothies, ice cream or fruit compote. I admit I now keep a couple of extra cans in my cupboard of chickpeas and coconut milk but it more out of practicality than a fear of food shortage.

Although more recently (August 21 when I wrote this blog) certain food were unavailable, being as a vegan made me more flexible like eating with the seasons which is more in keeping with nature, and my body and health.and also it made me conscious and appreciative of what he Earth provide for me,.

Anyway, maybe next time you go shopping when you get home and put your shopping in the fridge, make a note of what you could be eating which is already in your fridge before it passes it sell by date. If you don’t fancy it now; cook it and freeze it.

It is a win -win situation,

a) it reduces waste

b) it comes in handy when you don’t feel like cooking.

I will conclude by quoting Deepak Chopra
“Every time you are tempted to react the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.”

We cannot go back only forward, so creating new habbit is worth it!

Another new habbit I've created is cycling to the shop, I haven't use my car fot the past 10 months!

It's good for the environment and it's a regualr exercise which helps maintain my physical and mental well-being!

Another win-win situation!


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