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Reiki distant healing is a simple way to maintain your Well-being..

Although I give myself reiki every day, I feel it is important to receive reiki from other practitioners. My reiki share enables me to experience this on a monthly basis, however there is also another way I can get this. So, last November I further expanded my reiki experience. For the first time I added my name to a reiki distant healing list and received distant reiki for 2 weeks every day (Monday to Friday). Yes, the first time, it’s quite surprising, considering that I have been a reiki practitioner for so many years. Sometimes it’s easier to help other than to help ourselves or ask for help.

Anyway, I knew I had a couple of long and busy weeks coming my way and I felt I needed some extra support.

This kind of distant healing is not a one to one session at a specific time and date; however the energy “knows” exactly how to support you and will provide what you need.

What was my experience like and how did reiki manifested itself?

During the first week, I felt relaxed and slightly more alive than usual especially in the early morning. I was taking one day at the time and somehow being more present and living in the now rather than thinking of the whole week; enabled me to have quite pleasant days. While I was working hard I was not flustered and feeling tense about what was happening around me.

Week two, was a bit different, I find myself feeling much calmer, observing rather than reacting to what was happening around me, more detached. I also felt more decisive in certain areas in my life which was just what I needed.

So to recap, I got physical help –more energy in the morning; emotional support –I was calmer and more focused and spiritual comfort- especially during the second week when my peace within enabled me to step back and observe. And during the first week when I found myself humming a joyful tune while working and realised that my mood had been peaceful and light throughout the week.

There are quite a few practitioners who are offering this service for free or for a fee. On this occasion I put my name down on The International Center for Reiki Training’s list founded by William Lee Rand. I have been following him for years and I’m always inspired whenever I read his magazines or articles. In fact I started my practice following the advices he gave on his website and I used to do his monthly World Peace Card Meditations.

During my last reiki share I asked the other practitioners if they had at any time put their name on a distant healing list and to my surprise none of them had; however after hearing about my experience they were curious to try it and admitted they tend to give reiki to others rather than ask for it.

Whether you are new to reiki or used to receiving regular sessions; a distant healing session is a simple convenient and effective way to support you whenever you need extra physical, emotional or spiritual help.

No need to say that I will definitely put my Name down on the list again and also that I am so grateful that this caring service is available for free.


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