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I maintain my Well-being with Meditation

When I think of the various ways I maintain my well-being, Meditation is now my first choice. It wasn’t always like this; like many I struggled to quieten my mind and tried different meditations techniques; guided meditation, meditation with and without music. After a while I decided to go for something different and I used to do Tai Chi which I called my “moving meditation”, I practiced for over 4 years, however it wasn’t a daily habit. I went on to do Loving Kindness Meditation which was an amazing experience during the class, still not happening on a daily basis at home.

Finally 5 years ago, I discovered the 21 days Meditation Experience with Oprah & Deepak Chopra and this was for me the start of my daily meditation practice. I find that a mantra is a great meditation tool, because it enables me to focus on one or several words. When my thoughts come up and I drift away, repeating the mantra brings me back to the "meditation space”. Also the mantras have a lot of energy, they have been used for thousands of years and they carry with them vibrations and intentions which help to clear the mind and enhance its focus.

I find meditation a powerful yet "simple" way to relax, clear my mind, renew my physical energy and get inspired; if you don’t have 20 minutes you can start with 5 minutes. Meditation is holistic, it is beneficial to the body, the mind and the spirit.


"Meditation brings me back to my true self and helps me to create from within a space to grow."

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