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Intention may be but no expectation needed….

I truly enjoyed my last reiki session which happen every month during the reiki share I host. Each session is between 20 to 25 minutes depending on how many of us are present. It's also a little different from a regular reiki session as I receive reiki from up to 4 practitioners at the same time.

Although I have had many reiki sessions and know exactly what to expect; the sensation of heat, the tingly, the release, the connection and the wonderful feeling of support. Every session is unique, as I lay on the couch I relax and let the energy do its work.

I found that by having no expectation and surrendering; I’ll not only receive exactly what I need but much more and I will have a greater awareness of any shift/change afterwards. Following this session I feel lighter (emotionally and “physically”) more focus and this feeling stays with me for quite a few days.

I have learn to trust my instincts when I’m draw to try a different holistic therapy and to let go during the session.

Some years ago when I was in India; I had my first ayurvedic massage, which was a very different practice for me, not just the environment (which was very basic) but also the whole experience. As the session started and the lukewarm oil was moving across my forehead I was expecting something else beside the oil; after a few minutes I realised that was it. So I decided to stop observing and eased into the experience. As soon as I let go I fell into a deep relaxation simply by appreciating the slow rhythm of the oil on my forehead and the scent.

If you are drawn to try a holistic therapy, trust the part of you that brought you there. Be sure to ask questions and express your needs ; for example In India some of my friends had light bruises following their massages. So I told the massage therapist that I preferred a lighter touch rather than a heavy handed approach - massage for me is not about power is more about the precision of movements and energy. She listened and she checked with me to see if the pressure was OK during the massage. The whole thing turned out to be a wonderful experience. Even when I was sitting on the wooden stool in a steamer which felt like a large tin can rather that a Steam Sauna. As I said, the set up was basic but the massage therapist was excellent.

Another important fact is that you do not have to understand how the therapy functions for it to do its work. And sometimes, especially with energy therapy like reiki, you might not feel much. However it doesn’t mean that it was not beneficial to you or did not work for you. Not everybody feel the same or something during the session. Just observe how you feel after the session and note any change however subtle.

By being fully accepting and present you will truly benefit from the session. In fact when my clients nearly fall/ fall asleep, I know that it means that they are embracing the experience and have really let go.

Surrender and leave your preconceptions behind and let the energy do its work.

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