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Non-invasive, Natural and simple relaxation techniques


Holistic Well-being approach to stress

Stress-related diseases are the primary causes for absenteeism

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Wellbeing at work

If you need to make your company a healthier workplace and are committed to support the health and wellbeing of employees. 

Marie-Ange at Angeharmony offers a

Holistic Well-being approach to stress, which could help you make this happen.

Benefits for employees

  1. —Reduce their stress level

  2. — Increase their concentration and alertness

  3.  —Enhance their performance

  4. —Promote calm and positive feelings

Benefits for Employer

  1. —Create happier and healthier workplace

  2. —Increase staff productivity

  3. —Higher staff retention levels

  4. —Reduced absences

  5. One-off well-being days or regular sessions

Wellbeing session

The Session can be done in any quiet space and can be deliver from 15 to 30 minutes. These relaxation therapies are done fully clothed and as such are ideally incorporated into the working day. You can subsidise sessions or make them available to staff at a competitive cost.

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Wellness at work - angeharmony
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