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Marie-Ange Jean-Baptiste reiki in London

My name is Marie-Ange Jean-Baptiste I am a Reiki master teacher, member of the UK Reiki   Federation and a UKRF Area Representative for London SE. I host monthly reiki share; this exchange with other practitioners is a great way to replenish my energy, and connect with like-minded people to exchange views/experiences and learn from each other.  I have always been interested in complementary therapies and herbal remedies; especially when I discovered some yoga breathing exercises helped ease the asthma I used to have up until my early twenties.  I also have a keen interest in aromatherapy, colour and crystal therapy.

Reiki helps me to relax and take one day at the time. I give myself Reiki every day to clear my emotional clutter, open up to what life has to offer and increase my awareness and enjoyment of the here and now.

Since 2008 I've enjoyed working as a volunteer in various centres and I worked with Kids Company in a Secondary school for over a year. As well as offering taster sessions during Relaxation Days events such as “Little Big Peace” in Streatham; or during Reiki Awareness Week. These are enjoyable occasions to introduce therapies and raise money for great causes. 

I still offer my services for free and since 2014 I have been a volunteer for CREST Cancer Support during their Relaxation Days.


I have a private practice which I started in 2014 at LSBU Sports Centre in SE1.  I am now available at Time & Talents and Dockland Settelments in Rotherhithe and in a Centre in Bermondsey.

I have resume my practice at LSBU Academy of Sport in January 2019 and I am offering a Corporate Service as well as my Private Practice.


Reiki brings wellness, peace, compassion and Joy into my life; these are the positive changes, which my clients are experiencing through ReikiReiki has opened many doors for me, in November 2013 while visiting Japan; I travelled to Kyoto and I had the opportunity to visit the Jikiden Reiki Centre and meet Tadao Yamaguchi.


I am  also an ITEC qualified Indian Head Massage practitioner, this holistic therapy is wonderful for reducing stress leaving the recipient ready to face the day invigorated and refreshed.  In January 2015 I travelled to Kerala and Tamil Nadu in India with MSCM on an educational tour, where I had an opportunity to learn  about essential oils and the spices. I visited several Ayurvedic Training Centres and gardens  .


In  2016 I returned to MSCM to learn Natural Face Lift Massage, this amazing massage combines an ancient knowledge from Ayurveda, Acupressure drawn from the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japanese massage and Western massage techniques. 

 I also took an accredited course with Gateway Workshops in Hand, Arm, Leg and Feet Massage, which use a blend of Reflexology, Korean massage and Massage techniques.  


All these massages have similar origins and health benefits and can be experience as single session or combined with Reiki.  


In  2022 I qualifed as  a Meditation Teacher.  I have been meditating on a daily basis for over a decade and I've written about my experences in my blogs. During my daily Reiki self-treatment I meditate and find that it deepens both practices.

These holistic therapies promote the kind of relaxation which helps you maintain your well-being.


I am happy to answer any queries you may have and provide tasters session.


With Love and Light




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