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Why knowing your WHY is important!

I have just learn recently why knowing your Why is important. When your intend is not clear and not in line with your true Self, the universe will gently redirect so you can re-examine the choices you are making.

A year ago I started a course, I was feeling stuck and needed something to reignite my enthusiasm so I decided to improve my skills and take one of my knowledge to the next level. One might think that learning might be a good why, but actually the circumstances surrounding my choice once examine highlight the real reason for my choice. At the time I was unable to practice in person and therefore not able to further develop my holistic practice and like many I felt that I need to update my skills in line with the employment situation. So I embarked on the course, from the start it was a challenge as I missed one in 4 classes as I was not able to reduced my work hours. It started well and I was able to keep up with the course but towards the end things became more challenging and although I completed the course I was not able to move on to the next level as I wanted to.

At first I was a bit upset about it, but then as it went on I realised that my intent or should I say lack of intent; was the reason behind the break that I was “force” to take. In truth as I look closer at the situation the true reason for the difficulties I encountered towards the end of the course were a reflection of my confusion. I am now quite grateful for the universe or was it my higher Self for “forcing” me to look at my why more closely and realise that my circumstances had changed and that I no longer needed to proceed in that direction. I also have a better understanding of the warnings signs given to me towards the end of the course which clearly show me that feeling stuck and learning were not enough of a motivator for me. I needed something which was also rewarding. I successfully completed the course. However the interesting lesson here is that once I had a look at the greater picture everything fell into places and I finally understood this very important lesson about knowing my why and also heeding the warning signs.

At the moment many of us are caught up with all that is happening around us we do not take the time to pause and reassess our situation/life. However stopping and pausing is needed so that we can ask yourself; why I am doing this? Why I am choosing this? What is my intent? Will this still apply in 6 months’ time/ a years?

And sometimes what we need to do, is not doing but being, this allow us to reconnect with ourselves and our true purpose.

I am truly grateful that I was gently redirect by the Universe on this occasion; it did not feel great at the time but now I can see why it happened.

Another big lesson I’ve leaned is that what is happening outside is also an indicator of what is going on inside me; how comfortable I am within and what need to be looked at, heal and let go. For example failing an exam is not just about failure and me, but when I look at the bigger picture it was the only way to slow me down because I needed time to stop and reflect on my next choice and not just go ahead with it.

This is why knowing my WHY was so important. I’m happy with the break and can still take it to the next level when the time is right.

I have certainly learn to question and examine my why and intent when I embark on a new project.


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