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Feeling is believing

It’s very interesting for me to have my own holistic practice and a great opportunity to learn different therapies. It's also a chance to witness the diverse benefits of various holistic therapies from light stress relieve such as improve sleep to emotional well being such as less worry or being able to cope better with life challenges.

Another fascinating occurrence is to see how some clients would react to energy therapy whenever it is introduced to them as part of a promotion or through another therapy.

On many occasions when I am doing a Chakras Balancing at the end of the Indian Head Massage session (which is just visualisation of the colour of a chakra and silently “saying” a mantra relating to the chakra), I'm asked me if I am doing reiki. I would explain that because I am an energy practitioner the energy might feel stronger, however it was not reiki. The basic hand placements in Reiki follow the 7 chakras and when I meditate I use mantras; I believe in the connection between the energy points (chakras) and the energy of the words (mantras).

It also seems that feeling is believing and it would be enough for some clients to return to see if what they felt was worth exploring, and for many it turn out it is. Not just because during the reiki session they would feel a stronger energy that they originally felt but also for the benefits that occurred following the session.

Being open to different ways to release your stress can be in interesting journey…….. Believe it and you’ll experience it.

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