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Meditation or another way to connect


On April 5th (4th for some), there was a global meditation to create a healing chain of energy field around the world and shift humanity in a more positive and harmonious position. On this occasion we were all called to meditate at the same time, for some it was during the day, for us in the UK it was the very early morning 3.45 to be precise.

If you are new to group meditation and have not even considered trying meditation, this kind of opportunity is possibly the best time to experience it! Granted 3.45 am is not an ideal time; however the challenging conditions we are currently living are definitely motivating enough to attempt this new practice.

This meditation was only for 20 minutes and very clear instructions were provided and a guided meditation took you through the all process; all in all doable for a newbie.

Now you probably thinking, I’m not going to get up at 3.45 am, light a candle seat on a pillow or chair etc. Well, you don’t have to do all that, yes of course you have to wake up early; however you could still lie in bed and meditate.

Because meditation is not just about the position you sit in (although some might argue with me about this!), the most important thing though is your intention. The reason behind the practice, and on this occasion, the motivation was rather compelling.

So, here you are lying on your bed or sitting (I didn’t lit a candle I use some fairy lights because it was safer and I needed soft light), all you have to do is listen and focus on the voice that guide you through the meditation. Hopefully you’ve read the instructions beforehand and thought, “Yes, I can do this let go with the flow and see what happen”.

The visualisation might be a bit challenging at first, I get it I’m more of a feeling than a seeing person; however you don’t have to be over precious about it. As you follow the instructions relaxing into the process at some point you feel yourself merging with the group energy. And as you joined the collective their energy start “lifting” you, and the connection deepens. In this particular meditation were asked to reach out to "heal" others and then "heal" ourselves and toward the end when we are guided to bring the Pure Light , Love, Happiness and Peace to the Earth. You would probably

have a quiet AHA moment as you realised what group meditation is all about.