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Talking Trees

I often say that I love trees, they are tall magnificent plants that do so much for us and that we take for granted. I’m known to hug tree, I tried to touch a tree as often as I can and I love the look and scent of the trees. I love the different colour, texture of the bark, their shape, height and fruits and as well as the leaves. If I am confine at work and there is a tree in front of a window, I find it such a restoring sight. If I’m working rushing around and suddenly I see a branch, a trunk or the whole tree. I pause for one minute to look at the trunk if it is winter, the bourgeoning in the spring, its splendour in the summer or the elaborate colours in autumn.

Last summer there was some roadwork on my way home, which meant that for a few weeks I used a different bus stop to go home. I’m normally eager to get home after work and don’t relish the thought of waiting for the bus. However there was a new equation to the situation, a magnificent tree next to the bus stop. Of course I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to touch the tree and exchange energy - After all, I’m an Energy practitioner.

So on the first day, as I waited for the bus, I leaned again the tree sending it some reiki, and when the bus arrived; I felt relaxed and energised. After a couple of days a strange phenomenon started to happen. As I reached the bus stop, when I looked at the bus live arrival, I was wishing for at least a five minutes wait so I could enjoy this daily exchange with the tree, and most of the time I did. And remarkably I started to notice more trees like a small tree full of crab apples by a different bus stop. I was so surprise when I first saw the fruits on the tree, wondering how I could have missed this. After all I’ve only been passed it for 50 times (at least!) before. It was as if this tree was saying “look at me too”, literally! It was a small tree surrounding by two bigger ones.

So do I think trees talk to each other? We now know they do through their underground networks. Do they “communicate” with me/us, of course, they do. Don’t take my words for it, give it a try and see how it feels to touch and truly look at a tree.

If you are unsure where to start, why not try Shinrin-yoku or Forest Bathing, a practice which originated from Japan and draws on the therapeutic powers of nature. Forest bathing is known to reduce stress levels and blood pressure, strengthen the immune system and so much more. A natural and effective way to maintain your well-being.

“We are all the leaves of one tree, we are all the waves of one sea” Thich Nhat Hanh And I would like to add to this “We are all One, connected by One Chi/Prana/Universal Energy “

(Note: You might be confined at the moment however a picture of a tree on your desk or wall would have a similar benefits.)


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