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I often say "Thank you" whenever the “Universe” help me with the little or bigger things in my life. Like quickly finding something I’ve been looking for without having to search the whole flat; remind me to take a particular item which I might notice just as I leave the house, or if the sun comes out as I am about to cycle home when it’s just been pouring with rain.

Sometimes it is easy to be grateful for what I have. However gratitude is not just for the “good or happy” things in life.

I am also grateful when I am facing a demanding time. Yes, challenges or life lessons are there to make me grow; not taller or smarter but closer to my true self. When I get what the life lesson is about I can’t help being grateful for feeling the inner joy and peace the learning brings into my life; if I don’t get it, well at least I become aware which is one step toward finding a solution.

Gratitude is a great way to take a moment to appreciate what life is really about; as I am going toward or away from my true self I am grateful that; with gratitude I can see a different way to view life, not” good or bad” just as it is (not always easy, I know!).

Looking for something to be grateful for each day is another way of realising and understanding the saying “ that Life happens for you not to you”!

To quote Oprah Winfrey “ be thankful for what you have, you’ll end up having more”.

Of course, I want more inner peace, Love and joy …because for me it where it all begins…and for this I am very grateful!

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