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Let go

When I was working as a retail Manager, I used to have every two weeks or so a “BE” day; this started while I was reading Abundance Through Reiki by Paula Horan and following her 42 days program plan. On the “BE”day I would be truly present, detached and more aware; the purpose of my day would be not to let the actions of the people around me disturb my inner peace.

I used to love these days when I was acting on rather than reacting to the events of the day and learning to let go. On my “BE” day I would be much more open, aware, calm, and happy; I would have a better sense of humour and I’d be so relaxed and grateful at the end of the day.

On my “BE” day I’d noticed that even though on one level it looked like I was slowing down, I would be more productive as I didn’t get distracted by minor incidents; which would normally “demand” my attention. If it was a quiet day it would give me an opportunity to connect with people on a different level, less driven by my ego closer to my" true Self".

My “BE” day was always a day I was looking forward to and I think I'm going to schedule them back into my working life and have at least a “BE” hour or some “BE” minutes every day!

Try it and see the benefits to you and your team!


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