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Holistic Therapies

Holistic Therapies

Reiki master Teacher

Reiki master Teacher

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

Natural Face Lift Massge

Natural Face Lift Massge

Hand Massage

Hand Massage

"Happiness is when

what you think,

what you say

and what you do

are in harmony."

Mahatma Gandhi

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What is your goal?

  •  Would you like to feel healthier, happier, more focus and relaxed.

  •  Are you looking for natural ways to support your body healing system.

  • Would you like to find the holistic therapies  which help you manage or reduce your stress; improve your sleep and increase your alertness and focus

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Why me?

  • I am a qualified Reiki master Teacher

  • and ITEC Massage Therapist

  • I have over a decade of experience.

  • I give myself Reiki every day to maintain my well-being

  • I started as a volunteer in a Secondary School.  I have my own practice  and offer/partner my services in 2  local Community Centres   (SE16) and LSBU (SE1).

  • I am a qualified Meditation Teacher

  • Angeharmony was featured in the local press

Why not try and feel the benefits for yourself

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What  I offer?

  • Reiki - Face to face & distant

  • Reiki courses to empower you to manage your well--being

  • Indian Head Massage

  • Meditation classes

  • Natural face Lift Massage

  • Hand & Arm Massage

  • Self- care routine, pampering experience

  • Corporate Well-being services

Feel Relaxed Recharged Renewed with Reiki


Reiki is an energy therapy, the energy can be send to anyone in a different location in a similar way as waves from radio are sent over distances. 

The practitioner is able to send Reiki energy to someone, anywhere in the world with great result.The practitioner and client would arrange for a mutual time for a 1-2-1 session.  The receiver would lie down or sit and relax and might play some peaceful music.    

A Reiki distant healing session would normally last between 15- 20 minutes and the feedback is usually given on the day following the session. You could also experience a deeper session lasting from 30 minutes to 1hour, focusing on each energy layer physical, emotional and spiritual.

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Reiki Healing

Reiki Distant Healing

Reiki Courses



Reiki Distant Healing

I had 2 Reiki distant healing sessions with Marie-Ange.  I was extremely tired and I needed to restore my energy. The sessions were very helpful, I felt rested, soothed & peaceful (in my body, heart and mind). In the morning I felt calm on awaking. I noticed that as I was peaceful the people around me were peaceful too.





Ghislaine - Manager in Education (University), Paris, France

—  Name, Title

Manage your stress with massage for a calmer response to Life

Massage Therapy

Maintain your



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LSBU 2020

London SE1

Angeharmony -Dockland Settlements Rother

London SE16

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London SE1


London SE16

May we be safe. May we be peaceful. May we be healthy. May we live with ease.

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