“I found the Reiki sessions with Marie-Ange extremely relaxing and, dare I say it, healing!  I would go in quite ‘wired’ and feel much more balanced at the end.” 

Serena -  Secondary School Teacher, London

“I used the services of Marie-Ange and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.  She was extremely professional and put me at my ease immediately.   I welcomed her calm approach."

Claudette - EAL Teacher, London 



“I enjoy my Reiki sessions with Marie-Ange.  I don’t pretend to have a deep understanding of what it is or how it works but the relaxation alone does me good.  I find that what ails me subsides at least for a while afterwards. 

Ebonysimba - LSBU , London


Reiki distance Healing

“Merci beaucoup Marie-Ange pour le soin.  Apres avoir resentie des “secousses” d’energie; je me suis endormie alors que je n’avais pas dormi depuis plusieurs jours.  Meme si mes angoisses ne sont pas eteintes, je n’ai pas fait de grosse crise la journee et nuit suivante. 

P – France”

Indian Head Massage
“The India Head massage treatment today was relaxing and good.  The tension used by Marie-Ange in the session was well delivered which contributed to me almost falling asleep toward the end.  My  shoulders and upper body has opened up more, and released tension from my back.”

Andrew - Business Development Adviser, London


“Very good Indian Head massage; I felt a nice “heat sensation “at the end of the treatment during the chakras balancing. I felt energised and revitalised after the session.”

Marie-Claude - Retail Manager, London 

Natural Face Lift Massage
"This has been an amazing experience, without the photos I would never have believed such a difference could be achieved with just the touch of the hands.  I think Marie-Ange has gifted hands.  The minute she placed them over my forehead something felt different and I felt totally safe in her hands.  As she moved over my face I felt feel incredibly relaxed, nurtured and fresh. I left the session smiling all the way home"

Nicky -  Reiki Master Teacher, London

Hand and Arm Massage
"I enjoy the Hand Massage, my hands and wrists are nice and loose.  I also feel quite relaxed and peaceful.  Marie-Ange explained to me the effects of the massage but I was surprised to see how wonderful it feels.
Ellen, London




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Indian Head Massage in London

Indian Head Massage is applied on the shoulders, neck and face and does affect the whole body; this holistic therapy is wonderful for reducing stress. The Chakras balancing offered at the end of the session helps the other chakras vibrate in balance and promotes well being.